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Hongbo Profile
Hongbo Profile

Please take a look at the quality roofing materials produced by Hongbo. Our chief raw material features a weatherable ASA Polymer, a thermal insulation layer and an enhanced wear-resistant layer, produced using cutting-edge multilayer coextrusion technology. Hongbo has found this efficient method of production cuts down on costs and product defects. Over the past 12 years we have produced a variety of corrosion-resistant roofing materials which we have developed as an alternative to traditional iron sheets.

Our products feature a longer life span with a reduced materials cost, a double savings for our clients. Currently, our product catalogue includes ASA roof tiles, weatherproof ASA-PVC roofing sheets, UPVC-PVC-APVC roofing sheets, transparent roofing sheets, insulated wall panels, flat PVC sheets and diversified accessories etc. We can also provide customers with specialized OEM services. Our senior engineer with 2 decades of related experience can design new products which address the needs of each and every client.

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