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Manufacturing and Test
Raw Material

    The calcium carbonate powder used as auxiliary material is very cost-effective.

  • The PVC resin of general-purpose plastics can have good heat insulation and tensility performance when used together with calcium carbonate powder.

  • Material Warehouse.

    Our ASA material (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) purchased from South Korea LG, Saudi Arabia SABIC and other world-renowned brands is highly weatherable and has multiple colors for your choice. Performing well in UV protection and anti-aging, it can keep bright and colorful for long time and become adhesive and tensile if extruded with PVC resin.

ASA Resin Roof Panel Line

    Among our 15 lines, we have three lines for ASA Resin Roof panel processing and three workers on each line. Every one has its particular work and works efficiently.

    The mixing PVC, calcium carbonate powder, and pigment are poured into the feeder automatically.

  • The control system can control the temperature and fine and quality processing.

  • Our panels are heated here by integrated system equipped on every line.

  • The evenly processed roof panels by the extruder.

  • The roof panel printed with texture is very good looking.

    Molding process is made according to our drawing.

    The panels are cut automatically based on technical standard.

    The instrument is used for controlling the corrugation.

    We make measurement on the width of the panel after cooling to make sure it is accurate.

ASA Four-layer Composite Roof Panel

    We have three ASA four-layer composite roof panel lines operated by our experienced workers.

  • Our PVC material is mixed with accessories here.

    Composite roof panel is processed on the line.

    Four-layer composite roof panel is processed by the extruder.

  • The roof panel is printed with texture.

    Make corrugation on the panel at the same time of cooling.

    Cut the roof panel based on the requirement of our client.

  • Grinding at the cutting position and check the thickness to make sure it is the same as required by our clients.

Auxiliary Parts Processing

    Auxiliary Parts will be heated in 190℃ temperature.

    Our ASA resin components are extruded by our outfitted patent ASA mould.

    Cut the auxiliary parts based on design requirement.


    All our products are processed according to our clients’ requirement and stored with classification. Our monthly capacity approaches 800,000 square meters roof panels.

    Packaging the auxiliary parts.


    Our experienced workers load our products on the truck by conveyer.


    The panel does not damage or deform by the crush of the SUV.

    Lay the panel on the two chairs with 1 meter distance.

    The roof panel does not deform or break up though two people (max.weight 350kg) jump on it.

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