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UPVC-PVC-APVC Roofing Sheet
UPVC Heat Insulation Panel

    With three-layered co-extrusion technology, the UPVC roof panel has a unique intermediate layer allowing excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. The anti-corrosion roof panel is also water proof and fire protective. Thus it gets favor in the plant, warehouse, farm, shed and livestock farm with heat insulation and sound insulation requirement.

PVC Corrugated Roof Panel

    This PVC roof panel with corrosion-resistant performance is low cost and east to install.

Corrosion-resistant APVC Roof Panel

    Processed by single-layer or multi-layer co-extrusion technology, the APVC roof sheet is mixed with an anti-ultraviolet additive, allowing superb corrosion resistance to be achieved. With a unique intermediate layer, it can offer outstanding thermal insulation, sound insulation performance and long service life etc. It is popularly used in Metallurgical Refinery, soy sauce plants, printing plants, chemical plants, especially in the coast line of South East Asia.

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